July 13, 2024


This Danish-developed environmental urn is made of plant fiber and decomposes without problems in nature – the speed of the decomposition phase is of course dependent on humidity, temperature and the acidity of the soil, but we have chosen not to add chemical accelerators to promote the decomposition unnaturally.

Nature-friendly urn made in an elegant design with the possibility to mount, for example, flowers directly on the urn.

Add a personal touch

In these times when the environmental debate around the world is more prominent, this urn will be a natural and environmentally friendly choice for funerals, in contrast to the many urns made of non-degradable materials or added chemicals. The urn is produced in Denmark and the raw material comes from Germany, an active choice to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible by minimizing transport.

Color of the urns

We have a stock of urns that are not in our standard colors, which we sell at a favorable price. If this is of interest, we can be contacted for more information.